January 1st is the first day in Gregorian Calendar.

January  named from the roman god JANUS who have two faces one looks into past and another looks into future 

Romans started January 1st as the first day of their calender. 

African and Asian countries have their own calendars and new year days. But they follow January 1st as English calendar new year.

Most of the European countries accepted January 1st as New year.

Great Britain and the entire British empire adapted January 1st as new year with "Calendar Act 1750".

January 1st represents fresh start and most of the people fixes new resolution follow throughout the year.

New year celebration starts from December 31st night on wards.

Around the world fire works are common on December 31st night.

Some places very big events will be organized and people gather there and enjoys throughout the night

Commonly family get together and feast will be organized on this day.

Happy New Year