Mother carries baby in her womb for 10months.Her body goes lot of changes, still she loves all the changes because of her baby.

While giving birth to baby she goes through a lot of pain. Some may say it is equal to fracturing of 20 bones simultaneously.

Seeing her new born baby she smiles and forgets all her pain. That is the Love she have on her baby.

Mother takes care of her baby every second. Because she can understand what her baby cannot say.

Only mothers can think of the future because they give birth to it in their children

Mother will teach you how to walk and back your every step when your a child or adult always she will back you.

Mother is the another name for god. He can't be everywhere so he created mom to take care of you.

Mother is your first friend who listens to all your stories, laugh with you, plays with you and even fights with you.

Mother’s love for her child knows no law and have no boundaries. It is also limitless, endless and timeless.

Mother is our first teacher. She teaches how to walk, how to eat, how to behave.

Mother love has no limit she loves her baby even she is old. Till her last breath she loves them as they are child whom she holds in her hand.

Child's first food from Mother, first friend is Mother, first teacher is Mother and first doctor Mother.