To check government schemes first visit site Here we can search for all types schemes available.All schemes available are categorized in to 3 types.

Category of scheme based on the types like Agriculture, IT, Education, Business, Finance, Health etc. Each type of category shows number of schemes available and details about the each scheme.

Some schemes are specific to sate or union territory in this site each scheme available in each state also explains in detail.

Mainly schemes are sponsored by central government of India. All schemes sponsored by Central govt are shown ministry department wise in this site.

This site also provides details schemes applicable to individual based on their eligibility. To know that eligibility click on "Find Schemes for you". total seven screens will be shown.

First screen you have to enter Gender, Age. For females they have to enter marital status also.

Second scree you have to enter your state from drop down and select whether you belong to urban area or rural area.

Third screen you have to enter you cast details by selecting appropriate option. 

Fourth screen you have to enter whether you are disable person/ differently abled. If yes you have to mention the % of disability. Here You have to mention If you belong to minority community.

Fifth screen you have to mention whether you are student if yes you can go to next screen . If you are not a student you have give additional details about your employment.

Sixth screen you have to mention details like type of employment and annual income and whether you belongs to Below poverty line etc.

7th screen shows all schemes eligible to you will be shown category wise. Select category and it will show you details of list of schemes available in particular category.

By clicking on the scheme url you can get details of the scheme and how to apply and conditions applicable.