Dry fruits are famous for their nutritional values and Health benefits. different types of Dry fruits are Almond, Cashew,Fig, Walnut. Hazelnut, Dates, Raisin etc...


Almonds maintains blood pressure and it is good for bones, Also it maintains Blood sugar levels. It contains several Vitamins, Minerals and Fibre. Its oil is good for hair.

Cashew Nuts

Cashew Nuts are good for Diabetes, Heart disease, reduces Cholesterol level. It is also good for Gastrointestinal ailments. It contains minerals like Iron, Zinc.


Pistachio maintains cholestrol and blood sugar levels. It is good for weight loss and it contains high protein value. It has anti-oxidant properities and several minerals.


Walnut is good for Brain,Heart,Digestion and Weight loss. It is a mood booster and it also have several minerals and vitamins.


Dried Apricot contains zero fat. It have medicinal values in different diseases like Asthma, Cough, Constipation, Infertility, High Inflammation and vaginal infections. Apricot oil is used in manufacturing cosmotics.


Raisins also called kishmish. It is good for Digestion, Eye sight, BP, improves Bone Strength, Boosts Immunity and good for Teeth also.


Fig is good in curing Constipation, Weight loss, Blood pressure. It also contains Vitamin A and Minerals.

Hazel Nuts

Hazel nut is good for Intestine, reduces Weight, Lowers Bad Cholesterol, good for Diabetes and Heart. It contains Vitamin E and other nutrients.


Dates are good for intestine. it contains anti-oxidants, good for brain. It prevents Microbial infections, good for diabetes and kidneys. It improves Bone health. It is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Blueberry Dry Fruit

Blueberry prevent heart diseases. Maintains blood sugar levels. It is good for Gastrointestinal issues. it contains vitamin C,E,fibers and minerals.

Strawberry Dry Fruit

Dry Strawberry are good for Heart health, Constipation, maintains BP and Blood sugar levels. It contains several along with Vitamin A and C.

Blackberry Dry Fruit

Blackberry are excellent source for vitamin A, C and K. It is good for Immune system. It is rich in fibre content which are good for digestive system.

Now a days all fruits are prepared as Dry fruit by soaking in sucrose water and drying artificially. So we will get every fruit as a dry fruit in market.