Palymra palm tree has several uses. Its leaves, trunk, ripe fruits, ice apple and toddy have different types of uses.

Palmyra palm tree mainly found in south east asia. It is also called Tal palm tree.

Asian Palmyra Palm Tree

Uses: Thatching, making mats, baskets and even in old days these leaves used for writing scripts

This palmyra trunk called as Black Timber. It is useful in constructions exposed to water and also used in manufacturing boats.

Palmyra Palm Fruit

Palmyra Palm Fruit

This Fruit is Summer Special in India

It is a summer special fruit mainly consumed in India, It has several medicinal values mainly used for skin care.

Maintains Hydration and this fruit have Anti aging properties, It improves Metabolic activity


Ice apple is rich in nutritional value.

It is rich in water content. it contains vitamins like A, B-complex and C and minerals like Zinc, Iron, Potassium, Prosperous and Calcium.

Ice Apple

Ice Apple

Improves immune system and Liver Health Used for Cure rashes. It has Anti-oxidant properoties and also hound healing properities


This fruit will be available from End of the summer season and it is very sweet in taste to eat. This fruit also contains several nutrients, vitamins etc...

Palmyra Palm Fruit

This fruit also have medicinal values. Mainly sugar extracted from this fruit good for Diabetic patients.

Palm wine is also called as Toddy. It is mainly avaliable in summer season. Palm wine contains Vitamin b-complex and other minerals. Apart from health benefits it severed as a beverage in many Village rituals.

Palm Wine