Second Continental congress approved the Independence resolution of United States on 2nd July 1776 and adopted from 4th July 1776.

First 13 colonies separated from British rule and formed Independent states and it was approved by 56 members of Second Continental congress.

John Hancock  president of Second Continental congress first signed the United states declaration of Independence.

Jefferson Thomas wrote the first draft of Independence declaration. It was edited several times and approved on 2nd July 1776. 

Total 56 persons signed in the United States Declaration of Independence.

Oldest to sign on Declaration was Benjamin Franklin at 81 years and Youngest to sign Jonathan Dayton 26 years.

Declaration of Independence was signed at Pennsylvania State House now renamed as Independence Hall, in Philadelphia.

The original Declaration of Independence is at The National Archives Museum in Washington, DC.

George Washington known as Father of United states of America. 

George Washington was the first president of United states.

On 4th of July it is observed as Federal Holiday. If 4th July comes on weekend then Holiday will be before or next working day.

On 4th July President and the first Lady celebrates by hosting military heroes and their families for an Independence Day celebration on the South Lawn.

on this day Independence parade will happen in the morning at Washington DC.

Many families celebrate their Independence day by organizing family parties by decorating white, red and  colored balloons.