Recover Forgot Username of e Way Bill System Login

On getting registered with the eWay Bill system the registered businessperson or unregistered transporter will receive a user ID, and this User ID must be used to access the e Way Bill System Login to access the e Way and generate a bill for your goods invoice.

The same will be applicable if you are transporting and have raised a Transporter ID for your transportation, and in this view, the username and password along with the combination of GSTIN number of Trans ID will allow you to access the e Way Bill system page.

Without the proper username, you will not be able to access the details of the e Way Bill page and generate billing for your goods transporter.

How to Recover e Way Bill Username

Not able to login to the e Way Bill System with your username or have forgotten your username linked with e Way Bill System, and then make sure you follow these steps to get back your username linked with the e Way.

  1. Go to the eWay Online website at
  2. Here click on Long to get the eWay Bill System Login to display
  3. Now click on forgot username and wait for the page to get loaded
  4. Here enter your GSTIN number If you’re a registered person
  5. Or enter the TRANS IN number if you’re a transporter
  6. Enter the captcha code and click on go to fetch your details
  7. Now an SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number
  8. That’s it, e-Way bill system username associated with your online account will be sent to your registered mobile number through an SMS.
  9. The same username can then be used to access the e Way Bill System and generate your e-Way bill for associated goods.
  1. Why is my e Way Bill System login frozen?

    If you have tried to attempt the wrong password for your associated username more than 3 times, and then your account with e Way Bill system will freeze and will be available to use after 5 to 10 mins only.

  2. Does e Way Username can be chosen by us?

    Yes, during the registration of the eWay bill system through their official website, and the registered person or non-registered person can enter their preferred username and try to check if it is available to use, and the system will throw an error if the username is not available or is available to use and can be linked to your account.

  3. Does e Way Bill System Login do through SMS?

    The SMS facility is as well available from the e Way Bill system, and to utilize the SMS facility, the person needs to register themselves with the eWay using the mobile number, and only using that mobile number the facilities of SMS can be achieved.

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