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Want to know HSN code of your products and have to search it. just check detailed information on HSN code and How to use it followed by simple guide to search for HSN code…

Full form of HSN is Harmonized System of Nomenclature which a system that is introduced for Systematic Classification of Goods. This HSN code used all over the world and firmly used to classify and identify goods all around. HSN Code is a 6 digit code which describes over 5000 products and accepted worldwide.

HSN Code Detailed Information GST Payment
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Word customer’s organization has developed the code to make the import and export of goods go smoothly with clearly identifying the origin. In this article we will learn how to get a HSN Code and how to find to identify the goods.

What is HSN Code & How to Use it

Over 200 countries accept the HSN code which majorly interested in Uniform Classification, Customer Tariffs, and International Trade information. Over 99 percent of merchandise in the International trade does accept HSN code and uses it to classify items.

So, if you are wondering to learn more details from the GST website about your HSN code. You can follow the process and see how to search HSN code.

The Harmonized System of Nomenclature is similar all over the world. Since it has marked on the product and remains the same everywhere. In India HSN Code turns into 8 digits with Customer & Central excise. Adding two extra digits for easier classification and interfusion of goods.

HSN Code Search Online
HSN Code Search Online

How to Search for HSN Code GST

Follow the below process to learn how you can search for HSN code on the GST official website.

  1. Visit HSN search link web page

    Open this HSN search link from GST official website https://services.gst.gov.in/services/searchhsnsac

  2. Select Search by HSN and provide HSN number

    Choose Search by HSN and enter the HSN number

  3. Click on Search

    Tap on search button and you will have the results

  1. How do I find my HSN code?

    The Indian government with the help of the GST organization has created an official page. Where all HSN codes listed which you can see to understand the HSN code for your product or service.

  2. HSN Code list PDF download?

    If you are looking to find your HSN code, then looking at HSN code pdf from GST website is useful. You can find the details across the HSN and SAC codes official page from their homepage.

  3. What is SAC Codes?

    SAC Code stands for Service accounting codes which are similar to HSN. But these are 6 digit codes whereas HSN is 8 digit code.

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