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File GST Grievance online | Track status of GSTIN complaint online at to address the issues of Goods and Service tax…

Goods and Service Tax Network is a major department for addressing various services across the Indian states., and GSTIN has itself brought its self-service portal to meet the expectations of every individual who is using these departments.

GST is a service for individuals and there are various complaints that the department does get every day. To address various grievances of GST, the GSTIN grievance portal brought to ensure that everyone using GSTIN number for every work can get addressed.

GSTIN grievance does also have their GSTIN Help Desk which allows the individual to contact other taxpayers through Self Help to resolve their own grievances.

GST Grievance Online
GST Grievance Online

GST Grievance Online

GSTIN grievance portal developed to address the issues or concerns of everyone who does face difficulty at any point. Get below points to note and to know how to raise a query with GST.

  1. Visit the official website of the GSTIN using the link
  2. Here click on Report Issue and for the page loaded
  3. Enter your query description in the Type of Issue or Concern’
  4. Now select match query from the drop-down list to list the details
  5. Scroll in the FAQs from the displayed result about your query
  6. Click on Yes, but FAQ resolve your issue or else click on Log my Issue
  7. Here you need to enter your GSTIN number along with PAN number
  8. Next enter your Name and the other details as asked on screen
  9. In the next box, enter your query in 500 words and upload file
  10. Load the relevant file and then enter the security code at bottom
  11. Click on Submit button and wait for GSTIN page to accept your request
  12. Next click on Yes to confirm your request and note 15 Digit number

That’s it, The GSTIN grievance request lodged and your request taken under to consider providing your 15-digit number which can use to track the details.

How to Track the GSTIN Grievance Report

If you lodge your GSTIN grievance and got the 15-digit number then you can use the status option from the main screen to get the GSTIN grievance status

  1. Visit the GSTIN grievance official website for the self service
  2. Next click on Check Status and wait for Check Ticket page to load
  3. Here sent your Reference number and then enter the security code
  4. Click on search and wait for your ticket details to apply on screen

As per the details shown on screen, you can try to resolve your GSTIN grievance under new solution. You can report back if you want anything else to view or the solution doesn’t seem to be working with you.

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How soon the GSTIN grievance reported will be addressed?

Anyone who has raised a GSTIN grievance report using the self-service portal, can view their email or mobile number as any update provided will be directly sent through contact details. In an earliest the executive will be online to help the GSTIN grievance and it will be not more than 24 hours to get someone aligned.

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Does Chat Box GITA connect to the customer executive?

The GITA is provided to support the customer to address their GSTIN grievance with the frequently asked question. People who have quick query can check the GITA provided answers and then try to resolve their GSTIN grievance with the solutions. FAQs will be answered which are solved by other GSTIN users and are added here to help others in their issues.

Can I report concern for wrong details in my GSTIN Portal?

Yes, if you have registered with the GSTIN grievance and does have wrong personal details recorded, and then you ask the GITA or report the issue to correct your details directly with providing the required documents for verification, as GSTIN Number should have every details correct as per records.

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