eWay Bill Validity – How to Check & Extend

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Eway bill also has validity period based on different categories. Get detailed information on Validity period based on distance traveled and it’s extension too…

e-Way bill is assigned to Goods that are being traveled to distance over the KMs set by the GST office. As the GST council of India has made it mandatory for the Goods Transporter. Transportation to have a valid e-Way bill during their travel. Every registered person or transporter must have got the access to the eWay bill System to get the Bill anytime they need.

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There is a validity for e-Way bill on the Goods under consignment which directly depend on the Vehicle that is used for the transportation . As well the e-Way bill validity will be dependent on kilometers being traveled. It is the duty of the transporter to ensure they have e-Way bill for the Goods with enough time noted.

PurposeElectronically generated bill for transport of goods
Official websitedocs.ewaybillgst.gov.in
Help desk number18001034786
Email IdDepends on state
Link for Email Iddocs.ewaybillgst.gov.in/html/Contactus.html
eWay Bill Validity
eWay Bill Validity

eWay bill Validity Period

The validity of the e-Way bill depends on the distance traveled and other factors which are clean detailed here. Make sure you note these points to ensure your e-Way bill Validity.

Distance Traveled

The e-Way bill does depend on the distance between the Supplier and Recipient location. The location from the transporter will not be calculated and it will direct from the supplier to the recipient. The MAP features do calculate the distance that going to travel from the place of dispatch. If your transport is traveling long, then one can enter and 3000 Kms is maximum to allow in these e-Way bills from the System. In the case, if the transporter has moved more than 3000 Kms within the validity period, then it won’t be an issue.

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Check Validity of eWay bill

  • If you have got an e-Way bill and want to check the validity of the Bill, then you must as well know the formula that used to calculate. The validate calculated based on the cargo dimension.
  • Hence over Dimensional cargo will have 1 day of e-Way bill validity for any distance up to 20Kms and more distance travelled will have additional 1 day for every 20 Kms travelled
  • Any other Cargo Vehicle will have 1 day for up to 200 Kms. Additional travel will get additional 1 day adding it to increase more 100 Kms.

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eWay bill Extension

In the view of the distance not to travel for the transportation of Good. The e-Way bill extended with the reasons that are to be valid. It should taken by the transporter or the supplier or only the Goods. Transporter only needs to extend the e-Way bill validity.

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So e-Way bill can extended for 4 hours from the time of expiry based on the urgency limits. If there is a breakdown or any issue due to climate. It loaded in the e-Way bill System to update extended e-Way bill for Goods.

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How is Day used while calculating the e-Way bill?

Whatever be the time of e-Way bill creation, the day will be calculated at the end of the day. The first day will end in the midnight of 12:00. The same second day will end at midnight if the time has been started at early hours.

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What to do if the e-Way bill is wrongly entered?

If at all there is a mistake in the e-Way bill due to any wrong entry or incorrect value. Then it cannot be corrected or edited. There is only a way to get a new e-Way bill by cancelling the older one with valid reasons specified.

When does an e-Way bill Validity Start?

The validity of the e-Way bills starting from the point of its Part B is being edited. In Part B the entry of the vehicle is done. When the first transport document number entry has been done. In any case due to multiple entries in Part B the validity will not be calculated. It will be based on final entries for travel.

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