eWay Bill Rejection Process and Defined Time Limit

eWay bill is mandatory for any goods to be moved from one state to another which does cross and range of 50,000 rupees, and any consignment which does increase the cost of goods as per the transportation guidelines, then they need to have an eWay bill generated.

These secure your goods to be moved to any new location in an easy way and might have to meet compliance for easy movement, and the eWay bill does contain the goods and as well the invoice number.

Instead, any of the details along with product details has been printed wrong, then the person needs to get the eWay bill rejected, and timely rejecting the eWay bill is necessary or else it will be termed as valid and agreed by the recipient.

What is eWay bill Rejection

the registered person or transporter who has generated the eWay bill can anytime get the same cancelled. eWay bill is a necessity for the goods to transfer and if the taxpayer has generated the eWay bill and on the other side transporter has failed to provide the goods to the recipient then the person might choose to cancel the eWay bill within 24 hours.

Any mistake found in eWay bill will mark it as not usable for any movement, and the eWay bill Rejection will be done based on a bill generated by any other taxable person or transporter.

This entire process will be done through a GSTIN number and one who has access to the eWay bill system might need to visit the website to reject. In the same manner, if the recipient has failed to get the consignment that has been agreed then they can choose to cancel the eWay bill for the goods.

Here we will guide you to get the eWay bill rejected from your request and can visit the official website as shown in the below process.

How to Reject eWay Bill

  • Visit the eWay bill System and login with your access
  • Use username or TRANS ID or GSTIN number to access the page
  • Here runs an report to list the eWay bill generated as per date
  • Now select the eWay bill form the list which is displayed
  • Choose eWay bill for rejection and click on submit button
  • Once select the checkbox, the eWay bill will be cancelled
  • That’s it, the eWay bill which is generated by the transporter or registered person has now been cancelled and can be reframed as per the updated dates of your consignment.
  1. What is eway bill rejection time?

    The time frame for the eWay bill which has been generated through the GSTIN number or Trans ID needs to be rejected within 24 hours or a maximum of 72 hours, where exceeding the given time will make sure that the recipient has agreed to terms and has received the consignment as per their agreement with the sender.

  2. What to do if an invoice in eWay bill is printed wrong?

    If you have loaded or referred any wrong invoice number in the eWay bill consignment for the transporter, then you can proceed to get the eWay bill canceled. As with the wrong invoice number of goods, the present eWay bill will not be valid and will not be accepted.

  3. Can a Transporter cancel the eWay bill?

    The Transport will not have access to get the eWay bill rejected with their access, instead, they need to reach to the console or to the recipient to get the eWay bill rejected, and the sender will have access as well to get the eWay bill cancelled if the transporter isn’t available with the correct details.

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