eWay Bill Registration for Transporter & Unregistered Business

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Simple process identified towards eWay bill registration for transporter or unregistered business user, Just check the new steps…

As we all know eWay Bill now used all across India. This was first mostly use by the GST registered suppliers, recipients and dealers who have large scale business. But the Government initiated the registration for small businesses which are not registered for GST. For those transporters dealing under the same business or working individually.

Since transporters and some unregistered businesses carry out goods transportation and do not have the GST registration. They can now use the Enrollment for Transporters option to get eWay bill account to create for the purpose.

Follow the instructions through the steps mentioned below in which we explain to you how unregistered business with transporters or individual transporters can register for the eWay bill without having a GSTIN number.

eWay Bill Registration
eWay Bill Registration

eWay Bill Registration for Transporter & Unregistered Business

  1. Go to eWay Bill portal from https://ewaybill.nic.in
  2. Tap on Registration > Select Enrollment for Transporters option
  3. You may redirect to the Application for Enrollment u/s 35(2) page where you need to enter the basic information asked
    • Select Your State
    • Legal Name as of PAN
    • Trade Name
    • PAN – Here you will have to click on Validate which will cross-check with the PAN name with your Legal Name submitted and if it matches then you can move ahead
    • Type of Enrollment: Select the type you prefer
    • Constitution of Business: Select this option if your business constitution from the drop-down options
  4. Address Details
    • You will have to enter the in-depth address as asked and need to fill the mandatory address fields
    • Contact Information: Here you need to enter your email address, telephone number with STD, and Fax number with STD
    • Nature of Premises: Select whether the business is own, leased, rented, consent, shared, or others
  5. Aadhar Details: You will have to enter your Aadhaar card details here
    • Aadhar Number
    • Name as of Aadhar
    • Mobile Number
    • OTP Validation – Click on Send OTP and then you need to enter the OTP received to validate the account
  6. ID Proofs to be upload: You will have to upload both Address Proof and ID Proof in step 7 by choosing the file as an image or pdf from your device
  7. Login Details: Step 8 at which you will have to enter the User ID and Password for account creation.
    • User ID: Enter your User ID here and then click on the Check option to see if it is available, if yes then you can move ahead or else try entering a different one
    • Password: Enter an alphanumeric password between 8 – 15 characters
    • Confirm Password: Enter the password for confirmation
    • Verification: This is the last step where you have to check the declaration checkbox and then click on the Save button.
  8. Then it will show a popup Details Inserted Successfully. All your details submitted and then you may redirect to the Acknowledgement for Enrollment which you can save and take a printout copy of.

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  1. Can i register for an eWay Bill without a GSTIN number?

    Yes, if you do not have a GSTIN number which means you are not registered with GST then you can either use the Enrollment for Transporters or eWay Bill for Citizens to register for the service without having to use the GST registration number.

  2. Aadhar card verification error on eWay Bill registration for a transporter?

    This error is shown either due to the transporter having used the wrong Aadhaar card number in the first place or else if the name inserted is not the same as the Aadhaar card number, So, before validating, you need to check that the name entered is the same as on the card and then validate.

  3. Does eWay bill Registration require Mobile Number mandatory?

    Yes, the eWay Bill System does need the mobile number that is linked with the GSTIN number, and this will ensure you to receive any messages from the eWay Bill system directly to your number, which as well ensure you to remove or create an eWay Bill for your goods.

  4. Does eWay bill Registration require Money?

    The eWay Bill registration is free and anyone who is registered with the GSTIN number can use the link from the eWay Bill system to get the registration done, and in case if you don’t have a GSTIN number, then you need to get the transport ID or get the eWay Bill raised from a registered number.

  5. Do the eWay bill date and Invoice bill date the same?

    Yes, the eWay Bill date mentioned should be the same as the invoice date that has been raised for the goods, and if the eWay does not have the Invoice bill date incorrect, then it will be taken as an invalid eWay Bill for the goods that have been considered in the movement by the transporter.

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