EWay Bill PartB – Important Points to Know

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eWay bill splits into PartA and PartB, Know the main importance of eWay Bill PartB and it’s necessary usage in the transport of Goods…

eWay bill is an electronic bill which generated from the GST portal. This eWay bill does act as a valid process for the movement of Goods. Any supplier must have these valid bills if their amount exceeds the Rs.50,000 amount. As per the rules and regulation it requires to get the eWay bill generated or produced for their respective consignment.

Every bill does consist of two different parts which segregated in eWay bill Part A and eWay bill Part B form. The first part for the recipient with a GSTIN number which also includes the invoice number and challan number. This part majorly based on the Goods that added in consignment with every details. It help to move for inter-state transportation.

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EWay Bill PartB

The Part B in the eWay bill does consist of the Transporter details which include their vehicle number and the transporter ID. Having these details will get you to generate the eWay bill.

Important Points for eWay Bill PartB

Here are some important points that everyone needs to remember, when they’re trying to fill the eWay bill part B.

  • Vehicle Number should include in PartB along with Transporter ID
  • The details in PartA must contain exact transporter ID
  • Transporter does need to generate the eWay bill based on Information from supplier
  • The PartB must fill by themselves, if the vehicle owned or hired by supplier
  • The unique eWay bill must obtain as per the Goods details

Can Goods be transported through Part A of eWay bill only?

Yes there are many conditions for which only eWay bill Part A may used to make the movement. The distance and the value of the goods that are going to be supplied must be below the terms & conditions said by the GST officer and must be compliant as per their regulation.

Can the e-Way bill be re-generated if delayed?

The eWay bill can be re-generated if due to any reason the transport was not successful. Based on the consignment delay or the reason, the new eWay bill can be generated for the same supply of goods and provides the reason for the delay.

What if multiple Vehicles need to supply the same invoice Goods?

In any condition if the goods that are being moved to the recipient require multiple vehicles. It is the duty of the supplier to get the different invoice for the pack of goods and generate an eWay bill with individual vehicle details included in the excel sheet. Every eWay bill must be separate from the previous consignment with having individual invoice copy to be carried during the transportation.

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