eWay Bill Part A Slip Complete Details

Every goods that are being to be moved to any new location and do exceed a limit decided by the GST office must possess an eWay bill, and these aren’t electronic bills that ensure that the movement of your goods has been registered with the GST office by providing the respective GSTIN number or Trans ID.

As well no gods will be allowed to move for inert-state or any such area if they don’t possess an e Way bill beside having their respective Invoice Bills. Every goods that has increased the value as decided by the GST office, must have an eWay bill generated.

In any condition, if these have not been taken, the Office of GST asks to get a Bill prepared else the consignment will not be allowed to move further at any cost.

eWay Bill Part A Details

  • This is a major part of a consignment, as in every situation e Way bill Part A is required if the goods do exceed the 50,000 limits or not, here are some basic details that can be seen in the eWay bill Part A.
  • every part of the eWay bill does consist of the GSTIN number of the recipient of the consignment is raised by the supplier or the Trans ID of the transporter.
  • The place of delivery will be clearly mentioned with having the starting point to measure the distance to be traveled
  • Invoice and Challan Number of the goods with having the exact date of movement of Goods
  • HSN code to be seen and mentioned in the eWay bill Part A
  • Goods Value and the transport documents as a part of verification are filled in respective columns
  • Individual Goods does require a separate invoice for each variety of goods to be included in transport, with having different invoice bill for every good in a consignment
  • The recruitment and reason for transport of Goods to be clearly mentioned at the end of eWay bill Part A to make the reason clearly for the GST officer
  1. Does eWay bill Part A Enough for Inter-State Movement?

    No, the Inter-State movement will require an eWay bill even if the distance between the support and recipient doesn’t not exceed 50 Kms, and as to make the Goods consignment compliant the eWay bill is required to be generated through the eWay bill System provided by the GST office.

  2. Can an e Way bill Part A be edited any Time?

    Yes, if the delivery address or the time of consignment might get changed at any time, and any condition which changes the Part A details must need the e Way bill to be re-generated with the exact new details which make your future consignment easy.

  3. How many days does an eWay bill for 100 Kms is valid?

    If any consignment has been generated with the eWay bill for 100 Kms then it is being valid for one day only, where the transporter needs to add the next 100Kms if required to make the same eWay bill valid for an additional day of travel.

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