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eWay bill is known to be an important service that is required for any goods to travel for a longer distance, and as well any good that is ranging above 50,000 need to have the eWay bill generated.

eWay does bring the Android application for each user for their devices which can be registered with their IMEI number, as the eWay bill has a regulation to ensure that one user must have one account on their device.

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This makes the transporter better able to generate the eWay bill directly from their device and help them to generate the eWay bill for their Goods and registered users can access the Mobile App with their user id and password to generate any eWay bill instantly and supply the same to the transporter for easy travel.

Here we bring you a detailed guide to get the eWay bill generated from your mobile application and make sure you follow these steps clearly and get the eWay bill generated directly.

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Generate eWay bill from Mobile App

  1. Visit the eWay bill official website using your ewaybill.nic.in
  2. Select the option for Android to process the registration
  3. Enter your email ID and then the mobile number in columns
  4. Click on Send OTP and fill it below the mobile number
  5. Now click on verify OTP and then move to select your user
  6. Here IMEI number will be registered with the eWay bill system
  7. Only one IMEI number will be registered with one user
  8. Select the Name, User, and Plane along with IMEI number here
  9. The link to download App will be sent to your Android Device
  10. Open the SMS received and click on the link to proceed download
  11. Install the eWay bill Application and then pass your username
  12. Enter the password and then click on the Submit button to access
  13. That’s it, eWay bill System will be ready on your Android device to be used with all its services.
  14. Select the option available on the system and get your eWay bill generated as per your goods transporter recruitment.

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How many ways can an eWay bill Be generated?

The e-Way bill can be generated from their web portal, Via SMS, Via API based software like master GST, Tally, busy, clear tax, as well the Suvidha based and the Android App can be used to access the eWay bill.

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Can we cancel eWay bills from Mobile Apps?

Yes, anytime the eWay bill can be generated from the eWay Mobile App or can be cancelled anytime instantly, and the registered person or the transporter can access the eWay bill based on their goods moved through the consignment by the transporter to the receiver.

Can I download the eWay bill from my mobile?

No, the eWay bill is free to use, and the user can download it through the official eWay bill web portal, only the eWay bill Mobile App can be installed by using the user credentials at once only with another device IMEI number, No double registration is allowed, as to ensure no duplicate is used to generate eWay bill

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