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It is mandatory to know about EWay bill format pdf that must be generated for transport of goods. Here know the correct format of E-Way bill…

eWay bill does ensure that your goods transported to more than 50 kms range with proper complaint. One who does have goods that are above 50,000 Rs or crossing the inter-state boundaries. Must have the eWay bill generated. The sender must enter their GSTIN number during the registration with e-Way bill System. Get the eWay bill generated by providing their respective Goods Invoice number.

eWay Bill Validity eWay Bill Requirement
eWay Bill Rejection Process eWay Bill Registration

Every goods that added in the consignment must have an individual eWay bill which will help the transporter easier to move the goods. The eWay bill format is very simple, and it needs to fill with correct details, as any missing details in the eWay bill will not ensure a successful goods transportation.

PurposeElectronically generated bill for transport of goods
Official websitehttps://docs.ewaybillgst.gov.in/
Help desk number18001034786
Email IdDepends on state

eWay bill Format

Here is the detailed guide which can describe you about the eWay bill in each part A and Part B. These can help you to identify the eWay bill in correct format in Pdf, as eWay bill Part A and Part B consist as below

  • Part A of e-Way bill does have WB 01 does have details about the consignment.
  • GSTIN of Recipient to mention by the sender
  • Place of delivery which need to mention by sender with entire pin code
  • Invoice or challan number is the number against the travelled goods.
  • Value of Goods to price of Goods loaded in consignment
  • HSN Code is the goods which transported and need to mention for more than INR 5 crores. The first 2 digit of HSN code to mention for consignment less than 5 Crores and more than 5 crores need 4 digits
  • Reason for Transportation: Select the most appropriate option from the list to mention as the proper reason for the need for goods transportation.
  • Transport Document Number: Here one should mention the receipt number, Railway number, airway bill number or landing number

Part B of eWay bill

Here the Vehicle number and its details will mention in which the goods transported.

Modes of eWay Bill Eway Bill Form Types
  1. What should be present for verification of Consignment?

    The transporter or the sender who is moving the goods under the consignment need to get the Invoice or Bill of supply of Goods along with the physical copy of eWay bill. The verification of these bills will ensure your consignment movement under verification.

  2. Did e-Way bill cancel anytime?

    Yes, the eWay bill for the consignment can cancelled if you have not placed the order or the transportation delayed. The reason should present to get your current cancelled eWay bill. When future dates fixed, It can re-issued for goods later.

  3. Can e-Way bills added for multiple Goods?

    The bulk format of the eWay bill does get you an option to add multiple eWay bills in one. Such that your transport can carry only one bill for multiple goods transported in the single container. These can be useful during verification and easy to transport multiple things.

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