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In this article we will go in depth about the two parts of the eway bill form types EBW-01 which are necessary to fill by either the supplier or the recipients for the generation of the bill and successful transportation of the goods.

eWay Bill is an electronic bill generates by either one of the GST register users. This is now mandatory for the goods transportation across India. This removes the hassle of goods approval and checking at Inter and Intra city check posts.

The GST organization and the government of India has implemented this e-Way Bill which has to generate for each goods worth more than Rupees 50,000 that has to transport. In case if you are going to generate your first e-Way bill then you need to learn more about this form. Because it has two sections called as the Form EBW-O1 collectively.

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eWay Bill Form Types Explain – Part A & Part B for eWay Bill Explained in Detail

The reasons the eWay bill generation divided into two parts is for the supplier who is creating the bill to fill the initial part which is going to be for his reference and for the recipient’s reference. While Part B is going to be only vital information which deals with the Vehicle information and transport details who will be transporting the goods as required.

eWay Bill
eWay Bill

Form A of eWay Bill

In the case of the eWay Bill generation, Form A should filled while the bill generated by either the recipient or the supplier, but in case if both the recipient and supplier do not generate the bill, then the transport can generate the bill as well.

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GSTIN of RecipientThe recipient of the goods GST registration number should be entered here
Place of DeliveryHere only the PIN Code of the delivery should mention as it gives the system the validity information.

But the address and all for the transporter will be mentioned under the Invoice for the goods to be transported.
Invoice or Challan NumberThe generated challan number or else the goods invoice number should be mentioned here
Invoice or Challan DateHere the date of creation of challan number for goods or else the invoice for the said goods should be entered here
Value of GoodsThe amount of the goods in terms of INR mentioned here
HSN CodeHere only the two digits of the HSN code mentioned
Reason for TransportationExplain the reason for the transportation of goods
Transport Document Number Invoice: This document number means that it can include either the Goods receipt number which will be the invoice for the recipient.
Railway: Or else Railway recipient number in case the goods are being transported through rail.

Airway: In case of air transportation this will be the Airway Bill Number or Bill of Lading Number

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Once these details filled then the Form A generated which will provide more information such as mentioned below.

  • eWay Bill No – The eWay Bill generated number
  • eWay Bill Date – The date of generation of the bill
  • Generator – The name of the bill generator
  • Valid from – The start date of goods transportation validity
  • Valid Until – The end date of gods transportation validity

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With the above information Form A of the eWay Bill now wrapped up. Find more details, visit https://ewaybill.nic.in

Form B Information of eWay Bill

The eway bill Form B filled by the transporter, but not required for transportation of goods less than fifty kilometers.

Vehicle Number for RoadEnter the vehicle number which is being used for the goods transportation
Transport Document Number (or) Defense Vehicle Number (or) Temporary Vehicle Registration Number (or) Nepal or Bhutan Registration NumberSelect the type of document here and based on that enter the document number and required vehicle number or vehicle registration number

So, both the Part A and the Part B called as eWay Bill EBW-01 form that has to fill for the successful generation of the bill and further successful transportation of the goods.

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