eWay Bill Distance Calculation & Extension in Transit

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Be aware of minimum distance require for eWay Bill and Know What is the eWay Bill distance and Extension in Transit, guide for distance Calculation…

In order to provide different small goods companies, Individual transporters, FMCG and e commerce transportation companies the eWay Bill has been initiated by the Goods and Service Tax Organization of India. The main aim has been to provide different eWay Bill distance based invoices for everyone. To ensure that their validity is depended on their goods price.

At the same time the distance of the goods to be transported as well. As you already know in terms of the transportation service, distance plays a vital role. In this article we will be discussing the distance important in the eWay Bill throughout the validity and more.

Official websitedocs.ewaybillgst.gov.in
Validity of EWay bill1 day for every 200 km
Minimum value of consignment50,000 Rupees
Help desk number18001034786

Reference: https://ewaybillgst.gov.in/Staticpages/Contactus.aspx

What is eWay Bill Distance

So eWay Bill is generated depending on the size of the vehicle with goods and the distance. Majorly any goods with value of more than 50,000Rs or more is only valid for 200km to travel a day.

If the vehicle does not travel 100KM then according to the new rules for the distance traveled a new bill has to be generated. But at the same time if the vehicle has traveled the required 100KM, then the same bill can become valid for the same vehicle to travel another 200KM as well.

eWay Bill Distance Calculation
eWay Bill Distance Calculation

eWay Bill Distance Extension in Transit

The vehicles which are said to be in transit mode the means are traveling towards their location for goods transportation. It will get an extension if they are not able to complete the required 200KM distance in 1 day.

This rule has been implemented because many business owners and transporters across the nation have urged. Due to various reasons such as traffic, climate, weather and bad roads can cause delay in the transportation. This is why there is an extension provided to such vehicles in transit.

eWay Bill Distance Calculation

In order to provide the transporter with more precision the eWay Bill can now be generated with auto distance calculation. It accessed when you enter the pin code of the destination and the starting point.

Taking both the pin code coordinates it will auto calculate the distance. Depending on that the system will generate the traveled distance. The route and the pricing for the bill to generate as well.

In case if your calculation becomes wrong due to a wrong address then it would be a wise decision to extend your validity by going through the eWay Bill app or website. Then click on the Extend Validity option to make the necessary settings.

Do we need to generate eWay Bill for distances less than 10km?

No, for any distance less than 10KM no eWay Bill is required but if the goods size is exceeding the limit mentioned along with the price then you can generate an e-Way Bill to be on the safe side for intra state transport.

Do I need to use eWay Bill for local goods transportation?

Yes, the Transportation department, Railway department along with the GST organization has made it necessary even for the in state transportation to use the eWay Bill generation to pave a way for ease of goods transportation, maintenance and processing in a timely manner.

What is the eWay Bill minimum distance?

The minimum distance for an eWay Bill is 20KM for any over dimensional cargo with additional 20KM if the vehicle travels 20KM in the first day itself. In case of other cargoes the minimum distance is 100KM with additional 100KM added for vehicles which travel the required 100KM in the first day itself.

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