eWay Bill Bulk Generation New Process & Things to Remember

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The eWay bill bulk generation is a must requirement for the transporter, when they try to export numerous goods in their consignment, and in the past they had to bring different eWay bills for every goods which had to be presented to make them comply.

The new eWay bill bulk option in the eWay bill system does use the option to generate the temple which is termed as JSON eWay bill bull template. These templates must be edited by the sender or by the transporter with entire details presented in the requirements to ensure the same to be added in the eWay bill bulk.

This new process to get the bulk bill does ensure that every goods in the consignment are considered and make sure that every is compliant.

If you want to get an eWay bill bulk generated with your invoice, then you must be aware of some of the below details to be with you. Expect these details, you won’t be able to use the eWay bill bulk generation.

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Things to remember for eWay bill bulk Generation

  1. Get registered with the eWay bill system
  2. Get the Bill/ Challan/ Invoice to the Goods being in your consignment
  3. Transporter ID or Vehicle Number
  4. Trans ID, Transporter Document Number, Date of travel
  5. Get the EWB JSON Template to be updated
  6. Get individual eWay bill for each good in consignment

If you must get the eWay bill bulk then you must have to get these below steps followed, and here we let you know how to use the eWay bill bulk template and get your new Bulk eWay bill generated.

How to Get eWay Bill Bulk Generated

  1. Visit the eWay bill system online website using your device browser
  2. Download the JSON Template eWay bill JSON format file
  3. Update the entire file downloaded as per your individual eWay bill Goods
  4. Now click on Generate Bulk under the eWay bill option in the home menu
  5. Click on choose file and then browse to your folder location
  6. Select the edited JSON file and then click on to open
  7. Next, click on Upload & Generate to list the eWay bill generated
  8. Get these resulting eWay bill numbers and date of generation in an excel to be used for further purposes, and these bills can be attached and kept safe during your transport of goods.

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Do we need to submit a separate eWay bill number for Bulk Generation?

Yes, during the generation of the eWay bill bulk the JSON template does capture individual eWay bill numbers which will be listed in the excel sheet, and these will notify that every goods do have a different eWay bill number that is being transported.

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Can the eWay bill bulk generated be modified?

Yes, the eWay bill bulk generated can be updated with more eWay bill numbers if the consignment that is being taken by the transporter is added with extra Goods, and these can be edited anytime but should be exactly as per the invoice of goods along with the correct date of consignment.

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Does eWay bill bulk Generation template available online?

The registered person can get to the bulk generation tools and then get the eWay JSON preparation template downloaded as per your requirement to get the eWay bill bulk generated for the entire separate invoice added.

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